Sunday, June 28, 2009

I'm alive :D

e7m e7m :D Hi

ok guys i'm gonna write all my posts today but now i'm @ malaky smoking sheesha and watching the stupid game of US & Brazil. And i'm waiting til i reach home so i can write in arabic cuz i can't write arabic with this laptop :P

Damn how i miss you guys :***

ok i know i'll write when i reach home bs shasawy feeny so much garga SO MUCH hehe mmm ok i'll agreg now til i write my official posts.

Ok awal shay don't ask me where have i been :D cuz i know when i tell you simply you guys will kick my sweet cute amazing ass :D

i was blue, now i'm happy, madry laish hehe, y3ny yesterday kent about to asheg ehdooomy min my malal wel boring elly 7ayeshny since ages, bs now i feel like i wanna dancing half naked RIGHT NOW :P

mmm what else? should i cut my hair or keep it the way it is?

Shit i'm sorrounded by the hottest guys right now! agoool, tara i'm too close to an7eref! hehe kaify.

mmm the sheesha is good, taboon? oh ok tell me guys sheno taboon i write for you today? yalla you have mmm let's say 2 hours to tell me cuz after that bakon at home o bakteb :@

ok just wanna tell you that i'm alive o bs khalas no more garga :D see ya guys in few hours :**


Anonymous said...

هيييييييييييي ريكي من صجك ؟؟؟؟؟؟
ليش قاطع جذي من غير حتى لا تقول شي ؟؟؟؟؟؟؟
عبالي صارلك شي؟؟؟؟؟

خلاص ترا صج انا حدي زعلان ولاتقول مالنا حق نزعل..

الله يسامحك بس


AD said...
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In The Closet said...

Rickyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy 7yaaaatiiiiiiiiiiii...How are you yaaa duuub???....miss u like crazy wallah..I was starting to think that you were kidnapped by Aliens or something...don't you ever disappear on us again or I'm gonna come all the way to "el Malaki" to kick your ass..LOL..I can't wait to hear all of your stories..and thank you for dancing for me..loool..although I would love to see you and get a real lap dance in person..hehe..*gay guy..dancing for a gay sexy..LOL*

I smocked shisha today..and you were in my mind when I did..heh..seriously come to dubai so we can smoke together and set dubai on fire..LOL

I know I talk a lot..hehe...but it's coz I missed you ya shreeeer...^^

Hugs and kisses..^^

"Gay Boy" Weekly said...


طبعا لك حق تزعل لانك عزيز وغالي، بس انا للحين ماقلت شنو كانت ظروفي يعني للحين مفروض ماتزعل :P

"Gay Boy" Weekly said...

In The Closet

my cute sweet friend :**

yaaaaay i'm glad to be back again and i feel happy talking to you again... and yaaaaaaay for the sheesha thing hehe good that you smoked sheesha :D next time we should smoke togetherm and that would be so soon i guess :P