Tuesday, May 4, 2010


"The bitch still bitch, whatever he say" !!!

mmmm Okay! *slaps that person real hard then spanks him till he cry"

Hello, i know that i told you several times that i will write... well, i was SO FUCKIN BUSY and whenever i decide to write ye9eeer shay o ma akteb.... and now i lost my internet connection y3ny shasawy? yally etgool "bitch" yalla goom sawly el internet connection :@ 

3ad ma kent bakteb bs el comment mal "bitch" 5allany akteb hehehe.... shakly ayee bil 3ain el 7amra LOL...

Okay wayed stuff o ta6aworat but i really need my internet connection :( i feel lonely without internet... bs el budget 3endy ta3bana this month so wait till i become rich again hehehe.

and "Mr.T": i like you so much and we're good together bs PLZ stop 7anna cuz i can't take it anymore, stop trying to control me cuz i'm free as a bird okay?

Bitches, did you add me to GOOGLE TALK? cuz no more MSN now, i'll be using google talk on "gayweekly@gmail.com"

as i told you before, i changed el gahwa "malaky" to another one, and i found "and i was shocked" that the owner of this gahwa is someone i used to date before hehe... bs i still come here and he's doing everything to make me feel good here lol wanasa a7es eny special :P

elly ma gal "happy birthday" to me eb 3eed melady (April 4) welly ma yably hadeya laykalemny o 5alla ye6la3 barra YALLA BARRA :@ tara still fee wagt, a36eekum b3d 2 months so gomaw yebooly shoes cuz i love shoes yalla... and there is always ARAMIX to deliver, or u can meet me bs shar6 mukan feeh sheesha o give me my birthday gift!!! 3ama lazem azef y3ny 3ashan et9eroon tharbeeen? welly yes2al cham 3omry agoolokum eny 21 AGAIN :D *shakes ass*

"NAKEDBOY" i miss u ya walad...

awwwwww neset agoool eny 5ala9 i like Bisexual guys again, 3ashan el a5 elly 3endy on google talk la yez3al cuz yegooly eny wayed against bisexuals ppl... 5ala9 enta el bisexual el wa7eeed elly i like :P oh o beyeebly birthday gift UNDERWEAR loooool... maynooon and that's why i like him hehe

"gogowa" 9ej enech e5t erjaaaal :D fedeeet-ha elly dayman tes2al 3any..

el a5 "without nickname" weddy a6egek madry laish :P wayed tet7arash hehe bs i like :P

"Pp" hatha fallah :D

law mar 3 weeks o ma9ar 3endy internet connection ra7 a3tezel el ketaba... mushkela laman kel el ma9ayeb etyeee marra wa7da, a7es this month 9ert maskeeen wala shay mashy ma3ay ok :(

yala bs mallait abi akamel my sheesha, tawny rad min el dentist wegooly a takel wala teshrab for 3 hours! getla ok sheesha 3adi? he said yes 3adi :D 7abait el doctor

3la amal agdar akteb next Sunday, i hope so

Oh and "i love you my readers SO MUCH, you mean the world to me" ma 3ada elly gal 3anny bitch :P