Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Random randomness

mmmm Hi

Don't you dare to ask why didn't i write! I decided that i shouldn't write because of Thanksgiving vacation :D oh and Eid too hehe.

Our thanksgiving feast was just amazing, but "Mr.Ass" was actually raping the turkey! ma 5allah feeha shay! And YES we celebrate every damn thing :P

mmmm shoonkum b3d? I'm 7addy so SOOOO sleepy but 6agat eb my sweet head to go Malaky and smoke more sheesha, so gelt akteb random post 7sait i misskum :*

Can't wait our Dubai vacation, our first gathering 7agna e7na el 5 out of Kuwait *shakes ass*

What with new faces in Malaky?? They are so hot and sexy! HEY ETHA TEGROON MY BLOG AND YOU'RE SEXY, COME AND SAY HI

Happy Birthday Hammy, el 7afla elly i did it for u in BBM e6la3at 3la rasy, el kel 3a9ab min el ez3aj hehe (mo el kel but most of them) and someone deleted me b3d!! i'll fuck his brain next Thursday :D

ga9ait sha3ry, eshraykum bel new look? 7elo 9a7? awwww thanks :$

9arly 2 or 3 weeks madry eshfeeny, i feel lonely :( not "lonely" el hot guy, but ana ANA i feel lonely madry laish :( eh2 eh2

Mr.T shagny, kella bel Malaky ye7awel yeg3ad yamy and plays song kel el gahwa tesma3 cuz el 7aywaaan yadry ena 5a9ry yehez ebro7ah 3al hot songs *slaps him*

ok hatha ely ga3ed yamy right now, right side, ma boga ella yeg3ad eb 7e'9ny. Ana agool jabel ur playstation wayed a7san. OMG la 9ej wayed over "sheeel 3yooonak 3any, 5aleeeeny a3ref '3annyyyyyyy"

i'm so in love with "Ellen" show, she delivers all the "gay" messages in a very simple, spontaneous, lovely way. A7es enha etgool kel shay wedy agoolah ebshakel WOW. I LOVE HER

3la 6ary "Ellen" a7eb agoool welcome to my new gay girl friend in my BBM, the one who used to hate me but now i'm sure she LOVES me, loves me wayed b3d :P waaaai 7alaty wana adala3 hehe

ok elly yamy still ye5ezing, and where? bel malaky!!!! and awal marra ashofah! sheno feeeee? but taboon el 9ej? he looks good :D bs bel malaky i can't do nothin :( eb9ara7a i respect the guy who is brave enough to yet7arash feeny, cuz actually everybody says that i look kella nafsey and angry, and nathraty says "fuck off or i'll fuck ya" m3 eny katkoot o netfa bs a5are3 LOL.... dam te7arash y3ny he's brave enough and that's TURNS ME ON :P

and loooodyyyy thanks, sawaitly action bel BB hehehe :*

laish el sa3a 4:17 AM and there r so many guys bel gahwa? ma warakum dawam? way3aaaa go sleep or go work or go madry sheno JUST GO

For those who r in my MSN messenger: i'm REALLY sorry bs i have serious issues joining "gayweekly" MSN these days for different reasons, inshallah soon kel shay bekoon ok o telgoony on MSN wayed. Agool laish MSN? JUST GET THE DAMN BLACKBEERY CUZ I'S MUCH MORE FUN ;D

5ala9 i decided akoon flirty, qarrart a'3azel kaify

yalla 5ala9 malait, namaw, next sunday bakteb 3ashan gogowa lat3a9eb akthar, 9ayra ma tet7acha kella angry :P See you guys next SUNDAY :***