Sunday, December 7, 2008

My UAE Cocktail

I missed my friends so much :( for the first time i feel sad to travel, we became so close that i can't have fun without them... I MISSKUM WAYED
Oh why it's hard to get a good wireless connection in Al-Ain?? ya raby it sux..... ashwa i took my sheesha stuff with me (even the m3asel hehe) so i don't ante7ere
I went to Dubai yesterday and it was fun, i'm going to Dubai again next weekend but it will be more fun cuz i'll be alone there (no family) for 2 days :P and i'll spend my time in Jumeirah area.
Oh and i'm writing bel english cuz i took my MAC with me o mafeeh arabic, maly 5elg asheel 2 laptops!
Wallah ekteshaft that my cousin is fun and his friend are REALLY crazy and sweet... I LOVE UAE GUYS
yalla time to go, i'm at sheesha place now o el kel angry cuz tawah Al-Ain team e5seraw el game hehe OMG soccer follows me everywhere!!
yalla see ya guys later :* LOVEKUM