Saturday, December 20, 2008

Miss you Mr.7anna

Oh how much I miss you !
Yes I wasn't ready for a new relation but now I blame myself cuz I wasn't ready!!
You were the only guy that I really liked and i'm sure that we would be a great couple..

I already wrote a post about you hehe and about your 7anna :P
Do you know whom i'm talking about? The guy whom I spent my last new year's eve with..

Yes he was 7anna, ufffff and i felt like I wanna kick his ass bs to be honest he was the only responsible guy I have ever met, y3ny if we're talking about relationship and future (not only a day or two) he will be the one.

mmm madri if it's weird or 3adi to feel that you miss someone elly before you were feel like ebtente7er because of his 7anna and annoying stuff...

Anyway, I was thinking of him o 7asait that I wanna write about what I feel.. and it's Wednesday now hehe while i'm writing this bs i'm gonna publish it on Sunday :P
Policy is policy Kaiiiiiiiify ZAIN????

Oh another thing, bala3eemy et3awerny
one more thing, laish Showtime serieses 9arat bay5a?
and my em3assel 5alla9 eh2 eh2 :'(
ok madri shagoool 3adi it's ok bedayat flu and i'm at7al6aming.. KAIFI :@


Anonymous said...

eeeeeh ana methlek kan fe a7ed ygool ye7bny bs 7annaaaaa o al7een ma adry 3ana o 7ady missssssss him :'(

"Gay Boy" Weekly said...


yeah the problem is that we might en3a9eb or netnarfaz o yemkin mankoon ready, then when we become ready we miss that person and en7es ena mukana fathy..

Bs 3adi el 7ayat testamer and nestafeed min kel tajroba

خالد said...

yaaaaa ana awel shay ma kent abynlah how much I love him , kent like aby at3'ala shway lol n in the same time ma kent sure etha a7bah 9ij ow laa cuz he was soooo 7anan 3ala kil shay y7en

al7een he's kilah busy o a7es ma ye7beny methel gabel, now 9ij abeeh yred wo I'm gonna ast7mal el7anah lol

adry ana elly 9ert 7anan al7een lol bs I miss him 7ady, ma sheftah 9arly month yemken bs I feel like it's been FOREVER :( :(

Sorry to bother u bs klamek thakrny feeh lol Sorry

"Gay Boy" Weekly said...


hehe i know exactly how you feel. laman enkoon together et7es betmoot min 7anetah, bs now laman e9eer b3eed et7es that you liked him awal bs tawek tekteshef. oho 7elo laman el wa7ad yeb3ed then e7es eb masha3rah, y3ny mn fatra ana 7asait that ana i liked him gabel bs makent ready for a relation. now i feel law legetah i will say yes 3la relation. atmanna enek tegdar etred 3elaqtek feeh. ana 3n nafsy i can't cuz al7een kel wa7ad feena 9ar eb 3alam.
etha you still talking to him, 7awel shway etkoon nice o te7ammal shway and everything bekoon ok, wetha rad e7een 3adi let him e7en o enta '3any bainek o bain nafsek hehe :)

inshallah all your dreams come true soon

D-Nasty said...

My fingers are crossed you'll find Mr. Right, Ricky.

Forget the past, you deserve much more better.

You're a great guy, and someone as great as you deserves the best of the best, mo ay a7ad.. never forget that, OKAY?


"Gay Boy" Weekly said...


Thank you so much dear :*