Wednesday, January 27, 2010

تحديث: المثليون و "تصوير" الواقع

هاي كلكم

اوكي صار في تغيير بالنسبة لعملية التصوير مثل ماقالولي، ماراح يكون في تصوير للوجوه، وايضا بكون في تغيير للصوت عشان مايتم كشف الشخصية الحقيقية

هم هدفهم كل واحد يتكلم عن نفسه مو يحطون شخص ثاني يتكلم عنه وهذا سبب التصوير لكن بما انه عملية التصوير محرجة وفيها خطر، قرروا مايصورون الوجه حفاظا على خصوصية المشاركين

قولو رايكم او استفساراتكم اذا عندكم

يلا بروح اشيش


Alex said...

لحظة خلني أفهم عدل...يعني أنت في حد طلب منك تشارك بشكل شخصي في تصوير هالفيلم؟

"Gay Boy" Weekly (Blogger Ricky) said...

Yes, and plz read the previous post to know more about it.

They asked me and they're looking for arab gay (males and females) specially from gulf to make it so arab gay ppl can talk about being gay in arab world.

Alex said...

OMG! have a chance to make a difference..I get depressed from all those morons they bring on tv to talk about homosexuality! most of them are people with issues and mental problems..and they are always self-conscious and not so articulate.

you on the other hand is one of the very few good examples in the arab world..I'm telling you DO ITTTT
as long as you're confidant that you'll be safe then do can be like the Arabic Harvey Milk for us!
good luck really but you need to know that you shouldn't get all your hopes up, just do what feels right for you knowing that this documentary will be attacked by the media no matter how reliable and objective it might be. but you still have a chance to speak out and I Think for that alone it's completely worth it!

keep us updated, I'm very interested in this.


"Gay Boy" Weekly (Blogger Ricky) said...

Thanks alot sweety for the great words and support... i wrote about it so everyone can know about this cuz they have a chance to be part of it, and i'm thinking seriously about it but who knows..

As long as you're interested, why don't you think of being a part of it? They will do it in q8 or Bahrain or UAE so you have a great chance to be a part of it.

Think about it, and we should talk more about this

Anonymous said...

wazzz-up fat boy

Anonymous said...

كيف أقدر أشارك؟

Abdu said...

Hi guys,
I'm Abdu and I'm the person who talked to Ricky about the programme. First of all, I'd like to really thank Ricky for everything he has done in helping me - just his post and the time he has given me is something I will always be grateful for.
Secondly, as he mentioned, I am looking for characters to talk to me and be filmed within this documentary. I want people to open up their hearts and really talk about their lives, their dreams, their hopes...what their identity is/means to them and so forth.
This is not going to be a typical fight between for/against people...this is something that is rare in Arab media - a totally unaligned, unbiased approach to homosexuality. There is no judging and certainly no hidden agendas.
I would love to be able to speak to you; male and female, and my email address is my work email can be given once we make initial contact...I can also call from my office or even interact with bbm.
I can't say much more now, but this is a world class organisation and your rights will be protected - as Ricky said, we will never reveal your identity and we have excellent arrangements to ensure that your voice and features are un-recognisable.
Many thanks to you all

قرص العقيلي said...

اكثر من رائع

☻♥ ô_°بيبـ Bibo ــو °_ô ♥☻ said...

تانكي يالغالي ..

فديتك يالغلا على هالبوست ..

والمدونه جد شي ذوق .

Anonymous said...

hey Ricky,

Where is your post this week. We missed you alot. Please keep filling this blog with good stuff to discuss.


DooDDy said...

This Is A Brilliant Idea. To Me It Doesn't Matter Much, But To My Gay Friend It Does. I'm Living My Life As A Gay Guy, And I Don't Care Or React To What People Think About Homosexuality. If I Am A Homosexual Then I Am A Homosexual. Not Gonna Change The Way I Live To Satisfy Anyone But Me. I Live Among Straight People As A Gay Guy And They Accept Me. It's Not About Being A homosexual That Makes People Don't Like Us, It's About Bad Human To Them. If You Are Good To Others, Then They Will Be Good To You.

AS An Openly Gay Guy, I 100% Support The Idea, And I Hope I Can Help.

Peace. :-)

Anonymous said...

هاي هذا اهداااااااااااااااااااء

ودكم نسوي تيم ونرقص مثلهم ؟

عطوني رايكم فيها (: