Saturday, February 14, 2009


Ok it's not Sunday I know, but I can't I HAVE TO WRITE RIGHT NOW eh2 eh2 :'(

Remember "Lonely"?? Ok he's here now at the MALAKY sheesha place and he's not lonely now hehe, he's like here EVERYDAY, I can see him at this place EVERYTIME (does he read my blog??) and now for the 1st time he's infront of me, face to face!!!

OMG i didn't know that i'm really shy!!! Ok yeah I was ignoring him but now....!!! I'm sweating!! I feel it's hot and it's not but madry eshfeeny?? min kether ma ana men7erej i'm writing now and listening to the USA national anthem.. shako el national anthem mal USA madriiiiiiiiiiiiii... eh2 eh2 I feel I can't move and i'm aryefing as it is 50 degree below ZERO, shway a7es bard shway a7es 7aaaar eh2 eh2 :'(

Awal marra a7es chethy and i'm trying not to have any eye contact la with him wala with any a7ad... abi wel3a :'( I wanna go home, I wanna madri sheno... eh2 EHHHH22222222


Alex ! said...

hey reky long time no see,

lol I think he is so hot that you'r sweating.

why not to make the 1st move ?

he might be the one

although he might be not the one

he might be even worse


take care sweety


Doozem said...

Recky :( :( ana 3ndy Q awal shay , ent mt2kd enah gay ?